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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you deliver to? Commercial Address across New Zealand. 

What is the cost of delivery?

There is a flat rate $5.00 fee for delivery across Auckland. Delivery is free when spending $100 or more.

Delivery fees subject to change.

What days and times do you deliver?

We deliver Monday – Friday. Orders placed on a weekday before 10am, are generally delivered on the following working day. Orders placed on a weekday after 10am, will have an extra working day added. Our delivery company will send you updated delivery information and will let you know once your order has been delivered.   

How does payment work?

Payment is made via credit or debit card when placing an order.

Do I need to be at work to receive my delivery?

No. All orders are processed with ‘Authority to Leave’. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If you are not at work, the delivery driver will leave your order for you, . As our products are frozen and are only packaged in the card cartons, it’s a good idea to put the product straight into a freezer.  The product does thaw quickly and as such we do not accept any reasonability for stock which defrosts. Its best to be home to accept deliveries.

I didn’t get my delivery, what do I do?

If you didn’t get your delivery, please email us at and we will look into this for you.

Can I add delivery instructions for the delivery driver?

Yes! Please add specific instructions to your order if you can. 

Can I order mixed boxes?

We don’t allow mixed/customised boxes at this time, due to how large our production scale is. Each smoothie carton contains individual units of smoothies, of the same flavour.

What should I expect to receive in my delivery?

All of our products are packed into a card carton, with information on the outside stating what the contents of the carton is. See individual products on our product page, for information on pack sizes/formats.

Serious Smoothies

What’s the difference between the premium range and the standard range?

The premium range of smoothies are the Serious Smoothies that you would find in your supermarket. The premium range smoothies come in a branded 250g carton, with 2x125g smoothies inside, for a true two serve. The premium range contains nuts, seeds and superfoods. Each 125g pouch blends with 150mL of liquid.

The standard range of smoothies are packaged differently to the premium range, and come in a clear plastic 180g pouch (no branded carton). These smoothies are made up of a combination of fruits and some added extras e.g. dates and lime juice, but they don’t contain seeds or nuts. Each 180g pouch blends with 250mL of liquid.

Where do you source your ingredients?

While we like to support local where possible, due to many fruits not being available/grown in New Zealand, we source ingredients from around the world. We do not source any fruit from China however, as we are not confident in the quality of ingredients.  

What do I mix Serious Smoothies with?

This depends on which range you are using, however generally speaking, the premium and standard range fruit smoothies are designed to be mixed with your choice of liquid. Our favourites are coconut water, a 50/50 mix of apple juice and water, or almond milk, however feel free to use regular water, or other milks or juices too!

The indulgent smoothies (with chocolate), are designed to be mixed with milk. Our favourite way to have them is with regular milk, however you can try almond, soy, or other types of milk as well!

Can I add extra ingredients into my smoothie, other than liquid?

Of course! Our smoothies taste delicious on their own, but also go great with added extras such as protein powders, nut butters, extra seeds or nuts, or even added fruits and vegetables! There are so many options.

Why do you use frozen produce instead of fresh?

Freezing our ingredients at peak ripeness traps in their nutrients – the fruit we use is snap frozen to preserve goodness. Also, using frozen ingredients allows you to have a smoothie at your convenience, not having to worry about ingredients going off, or the availability of certain seasonal ingredients.

Are your ingredients organic?

The fruit and ingredients are not certified organic. However we aim to source the highest quality ingredients we can, and have strict processes in place to ensure all of our fruit is of a high standard.

Are Serious Smoothies allergy friendly?

While many of our smoothies are allergy friendly, it is important to note they are made in a facility that also processes oats and tree nuts. See below for specific allergy info:

Standard range: gluten free, vegan. Nut and seed free.

Premium range: gluten free, vegan. Some flavours contain nuts and seeds.

Indulgent range: contains milk products.

How long will Serious Smoothies keep in the freezer?

All smoothies will have a best before date on the carton however generally they are fine for at least a year – we know they won’t last that long though!

Can I customise the smoothie flavours?

Due to the scale we produce at, we do not create customised flavours for customers. However, feel free to add other ingredients to the smoothie mixes and come up with your own flavours!

What’s the nutritional value of Serious Smoothies?

The nutritional value varies, dependent on flavour, however full nutritional information for each smoothie is available on the product pages.

Serious Fruit

Can I order less than 6kg of a specific fruit at a time?

Serious Fruit can only be ordered in 6kg quantities. We don’t do mixed cartons. The cartons of fruit come with 12x500g bags of frozen fruit, and are actually quite easily stored, especially if you have a chest freezer!

Where do you source your fruit?

While we like to support local where possible, due to many fruits not being available/grown in New Zealand, we source ingredients from around the world. We do not source any fruit from China however, as we are not confident in the quality of ingredients. For further information, feel free to email us at

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